Sunday, March 9, 2008


When it comes to gown shopping, it's all about knowing where to look and what to look for. Instead of spending the price of an entire limo rental on your fabulous frock, snag a cheap prom dress - for the price of a tank of gas.


After each hollywood award season, prom dress designers create cute copies of the best red carpet gowns. Because award shows occur every few months, these dresses hit the virtual sale racks fast than you can say "Mischa Barton."

This ruffled yellow number showed up on Renee Zellweger years ago, but the retro gown would look just as fantastic today. Channel another celeb, Reese Witherspoon, with a red purse and pumps

Black and white is a classic combination that is just as elegant today as it was when your grandmother attended prom.
When selecting a dress silhouette, choose something thats equal parts trendy and timeless. This hip asymmetrical hem, with its shoe-revealing front and train-toting back, is balanced by the streamlined strapless top

Venture out of the standard prom boutique and explore the evening gowns at your favorite department store. You can uncover gorgeous full-length dresses often for a fraction of the price.
Covered in rows of frilly, feminine ruffles, the otherwise sleek black column dress looks hip and elegant at the same time. A guideline for glamour: when it comes to glitz, think Marilyn Monroe instead of Dolly Parton.

First popularized by Pierre Cardin in 1957, the bubble hem is enjoying another turn in the fashion limelight. The whimsically poufy shape and short length can be dressed up or down with a quick shift of accessories and shoes.
With its voluminous hem that camouflages your weaknesses combined with a chic bow sash that shows off your waist, this pretty party dress is a true gem.

A shopping rule of thumb to keep in mind, whether you're looking for Ts, shoes, or prom dresses: deep shades always look more expensive than their pastel counterparts.
With a star-worthy plunging neckline trimmed in a sparkly beaded accent, this berry satin gown looks ready for the red carpet... even if you snagged it for price that would make a starlet's draw drop.


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