Sunday, March 9, 2008

Homecoming and Prom Hairstyles

Homecoming and Prom Hairstyles
Fashion glitz and glamour is what makes every prom or homecoming party a dream come true, and the way you look definitely takes center stage. So sure, you've got a fantastic dress, the perfect date and a killer ride. But how's your "do?" Time and again, many an outfit lost its flair when paired with a nightmarish hairdo. So be sure to crown all that radiance with a knockout hair style that'll be the talk of the town at future reunions, for years to come.

Kink-free Prom Night

There's hair and then there's tameless hair. The problem with styling is that it can wreak havoc, literally, kill your, otherwise, healthy hair; and no amount of spit-shine can make a work of art look good if you cannot get your hair to obey. Short-haired girls have it easier since it takes a considerably shorter time to style. A good dose of mousse or hair wax can give your tresses that natural bounce, or you can clip your hair to the side for a more sophisticated effect.

The problems with styling multiply as the hair grows. Longer hair means more kinks, more volume, more weight, and that's always a hassle, especially with up-dos. Pins, clips and hair ties can help you create that gravity-defying masterpiece, or consider wearing a tiara to hold it in place. Lots of brushing and a session with hair curlers will give you that bouncy, sassy look perfect with off-shoulder dresses.

The biggest thing to consider when fixing your hair for the homecoming court is a balance between your hair and your face. Bone structure and foreheads have a huge impact on how you strive to achieve that age-defying grace. The trend has been to get sophisticated style, as opposed to the funky, fun hairdos. So, the trick is to know what to hide; and, otherwise, what to accentuate. Like, say, the forehead: wide foreheads need hiding, so a touch of bangs here and there probably won't hurt. Narrower foreheads beg to be shown to the world, so bangs would be a mistake.

Of course, it's always up to you, whichever style you go for. The foremost rule in hair styling, though, is to maintain hair that is shiny, bouncy, and healthy. If any of these are compromised, then it probably doubles or triples your styling labor, as well.


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