Sunday, March 9, 2008


Nothing says, "Cool," like a vintage prom dress. With the emphasis on floral prints and chiffon gowns, these garments of yesteryear can offer you a cheap prom dress option, without the expense of a brand new dress.

And, best of all, a vintage prom dress will let you stand out from all those other girls wearing 2005 prom dresses and 2004 prom gowns to the special event. And, even challenging to find, styles such as plus-size dresses and gothic prom dresses, make really good vintage dress candidates.

VINTAGE PROM DRESSES are usually defined as those elegant gowns that were made in the 50's and 60's, and are notable for their use of bright colors, such as pink, green, and yellow. But the colors are not garish; instead, they are blended into a warm and muted form. With some cool vintage accessories, like white gloves or vintage jewelry, you can complete the look and walk in to prom looking like a 'movie star.'

Finding Vintage Prom Dresses
One clue to finding a vintage prom dress is to explore a variety of resources. Unlike a 2003 Prom Dress, you can't just type in the name of a designer on the computer and see what's hot. Congratulations! You're now assigned the task of developing your skills as a good detective. One of the best resources is local vintage clothing stores. Give them a call and let them know you're looking for a VINTAGE PROM DRESS. Give them your size and leave your phone number, so they can contact you if anything comes in. Summer's a great time to shop when many girls start selling last year's dresses from prom. Another option you might try, is to visit websites that might have vintage prom dresses. It's not guaranteed that they'll have a large selection, but if you keep an open mind and begin your search early, you should be confident in finding something that can work both as a formal dress or a gown for a more casual affair.

Another tip offered by Alison Bell in What's your style? Fearless Fashion, relates to the proper care of your Vintage piece. If your Vintage Prom Dress is missing a fabric care label, use caution, first, before washing it; ask your local dry cleaner for advice on the best way to clean it. Otherwise, you might be scrambling for another prom dress, when you full tulle skirt shrinks; or, worse - yet, ravels into an uneven mini-skirt. Missing a care label all together might mean your garment was manufactured before 1972, according to Bell. In 1972, the Care Label Rule came into practice under the Federal Trade Commission, requiring garments to be labeled with at least one cleaning method safe to use.


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