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The first step in finding the perfect prom dress, and the most important, is finding the prom dress that flatters your body type. You need to identify what cut will best fit your body and which silhouette will most flatter your shape and size. So, how do you do that? Easy, just read on. Find your shape and corresponding styles with our Shape Guide.

Tall & Thin Pear Shaped
Petite Apple Shaped
Hourglass Broad Shoulders
Full-Figured Big Busted
Athletic Small Busted

Description: You are 5’6” or taller. You have no visible curves. You are slender throughout. Your shoulders and hips are approximately the same width. You have an average sized bust.

Ideal Choices: Sheath; Empire; A-line; Ball Gown

Suggestions: Want the appearance of a fuller chest, try an empire style dress. Transform your body into a feminine hourglass by adding detail at the waistline (a belt, ribbons, shirring, or darts). Want to add fullness to your slender shape, try a ball skirt or an A-line dress. A dress with details or patterns can help break your long line and add more definition to your shape. A sheath dress would look great and flow gracefully on your long slim silhouette. Try a body skimming dress that emphasizes your subtle curves. Opt for one with a slit to reveal your long legs. An open neckline, a cutout back or a plunging V-neck, work well for you.

Description:You are 5’3”or shorter. You have a small frame. You are trim with subtle curves. You have an average sized bust.

Ideal Choices: Sheath; Empire; A-line

Suggestions: Elongate your tiny frame by showing some leg. Wear a dress with a short hemline and instantly look taller. Explore different types of hemlines for one that suits you the best (handkerchief, asymmetrical, ruffled, hi/low). Create a longer silhouette with a simple column-style sheath dress. If you are short-waisted, choose an empire style or an A-line style that will take the emphasis of the waistline and create an elongated line. Play around with necklines -V-shape, halter or sweetheart are great for you.

Description: You are short or tall. You have a curvy frame. You have a medium to large bust. You have a small waist (smaller than your shoulders and hips). You have naturally curvy hips. You have a rounded bottom.

Ideal Choices: Sheath; A-line; Ball gown

Suggestions: Show off your curvy figure with a form-fitting sheath dress. Be it plain or embellished, this type of dress will accentuate your body in all the right places. A little hipper than desired? Choose an A-line or ball gown, to cover your wider parts and draw attention upward. To achieve this try a strapless bodice ball gown with a full skirt and a cinched waist. Keep eyes above the waist with an embellished neckline.

Description: You are short or tall. You are heavy throughout. You have a large frame. You have very noticeable curves. You have a large bust.

Ideal Choices: Empire; A-line; Ball gown

Suggestions: Look for slimming styles that won’t cling to every curve. Try an A-line dress that slims throughout the waist and gently flows around your lower body. Want the same effect but more bottom coverage? Try a ball gown with a corseted waist or a tight-fitting two-piece that will highlight your torso and hide a fuller bottom. Another good option is the empire gown, which will draw more attention to your bust line and flow over everything else below. V, round or sweetheart necklines look best as does thick straps or a halter top.

Description:You are short or tall. You are bottom heavy. Your hips, bottom, thighs are larger than your upper body.

Ideal Choices: Empire; A-line; Ball gown

Suggestions: Flatter your best assets (your top half) with dresses that accentuate the bodice and loosely flow over the body. Strapless bodices are the best choice for your body type. Choose either an A-line, empire or ball gown and favor a strapless bustier or a halter with a circular neckline.

Description: You are short or tall. You have a heavier mid-section than the rest of your body. You are thick-waisted or you have an undesired tummy.

Ideal Choices: Empire; A-line

Suggestions: Empire gowns look best on this type of figure. The high waist de-emphasizes your mid-section and lengthens your overall silhouette. If you choose to go with an A-line gown, it is ideal that you choose a bodice with boning for a slimming effect.

Description: You are short or tall. You have a large frame. You are straight throughout with no visible curves. You have wide shoulders and toned legs.

Ideal Choices: Empire; Ball gown

Suggestions:Try an empire gown that will add definition and shape to your silhouette. For full definition opt for a ball gown, the full skirt and form-fitting bodice will instantly highlight your waistline and give you a natural feminine shape.

Description: You are short or tall. You have wide shoulders.

Ideal Choices: Sheath; Empire; A-line, Ball Gown

Suggestions: Dresses that reveal your shoulders are best. Covering your shoulders may make them look bigger. A halter or strapless style with a narrow bodice looks best. It pleasantly exposes your shoulders (you shouldn’t hide them) and slims the midsection, whilst producing an hourglass silhouette.

Description: You are short or tall. You have a C cup or larger.

Ideal Choices: A-Line; Ball gown

Suggestions: If you opt for an A-line or ball gown it is ideal that you choose a corset bodice for added support. A bodice with straps helps keep it in place and gives you extra support. Full coverage V-necks flatter your neckline without showing too much cleavage. Halter gowns are a good option as the halter can be adjusted according to the support you need. A good way to deflect attention from your chest is to wear a dress with details at the hemline.

Description: You are short or tall. You have an A cup or smaller.

Ideal Choices: Empire; A-Line; Ball gown

Suggestions: A ball gown or A-line looks nice on your figure but if the bodice is strapless it must be tightly fitted for minimal mishaps. A detailed bodice is an ideal way to add shape and definition to your bustline. Details such as ruching, ornate beadwork, ruffles or embroidery will give the appearance of a fuller chest. Empire works well, as it accentuates the chest but works best when the bodice is embellished.


Polka dot empire dress
Beaded straps
Sexy low back
High side slit

Beaded straps support the draped empire and bust line on the slim gown with high, side front slit. Plunging back neckline with long streamers.


Clear Platform Shoe
6 inch heel
Silver slingback strap
Silver padded lining

Want to look like you are wearing glass slippers? These clear platform shoes have a 6inch heel and a silver slingback strap. While the padded lining is silver, the top is clear. Sadly, Prince Charming isn't included.

Plunging Back Prom Gowns by Jovani

Plunging back prom gown
Khaki colored gown
Embellished and ruched
Fit to body; side zipper
Flared skirt

This evening gown is truly stunning from the back. With ruching and ornate embellishments, this dress is perfect to impress at your prom.

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I need some help as to how to fix or tame my hair's uncontrolable, frizzy, poofy, dry and brittle condition. As a guy, i would like to grow my hair out but the longer it gets, the poofier it gets and just looks like im trying to grow out an afro. I have naturally wavy hair which i am fairly proud of and would like for my hair to look like in trying to grow longer hair not a fro!!! Can anyone give me any tips?!?!?! thanx


Product, Product, Product! First throw all your wal-mart junk away.
You'll need a hydrating shampoo and conditioner.(try purologhy hydrate pricy but you'll use a dime size amount) next you'll need to get a styling product (try matrix curl life). i know it's work , but how bad do you want it.


Prom hair is all about creating a magical transformation. The big dance is the perfect place to wow your friends with some extra glitz and glamour.

Hair extensions are an ultra fashionable way to take your look from school causal to Cinderella chic. With a simple visit to your favorite salon or beauty supply store, incredible volume, amazing length, or even bangs are at your fingertips.

Hair Extensions 101

Choosing the right type of extensions is the first step toward a prom perfect style. Hair extensions come in two main forms: synthetic or human.

100% human hair gives you amazing versatility. Like your natural locks, you can use all heat appliances such as your coveted ceramic flat iron and blow dryer. Easily create the hairstyle of your dreams without worrying about styling limitations.

Added bonus? Human hair extensions are perfect for coloring! Instantly match your current color with ease or create enhanced definition to your tresses by adding an assortment of highlights. The possibilities are endless!

Unlike human hair, artificial extensions are created with various types of man-made fibers. Heat from your tools will immediately cause this hair to melt and frizz on contact. Make sure to buy these extensions with the right texture already in place (ringlets, waves, straight, etc.). This will eliminate the need for heat styling.

Since 100% human hair extensions may cost more than your gown, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of both options. If you want a quick prom fix, synthetic extensions might be the right choice for you. A simple assessment of your daily styling habits is a great way to choose between the two.

The next item on your extensions checklist involves finding the right application method. Hot or cold? Now, that is the question!

Heat techniques involve using a bonding solution to fuse your hair with the extension strand. A heated clamp melts this bond, sealing the extension to your hair. Rather than traditional keratin tips, opt for a heating method utilizing a polymer tube. This bond easily shrinks on contact for a more comfortable and unobtrusive feel.

Cold methods consist of a variety of different options, including fabulous do-it-yourself clip ins. Stylists can even insert your locks into tiny “tubes” which are crimped shut around the root area with a special tool. Other cold application methods involve braiding, sewing, and weaving.

Don’t forget to consult a salon professional before trying any of the above methods. Prom is not the night for a hair emergency!

If the salon’s not your thing, you can effortlessly apply the do-it-yourself clip in extensions without the help of your hairdresser. Even use this method to experiment with different colors, textures, or lengths.

Hair extensions are definitely a fashion forward way to update your must have prom do!


Short hair is making a comeback! With the right products and tools, you can easily achieve these looks for your special night.

Bobs are that latest style to take over the hair world. The Victoria Beckham cut is everywhere, making it a definite do for Prom 08! This asymmetrical crop is a daring yet sexy way to wear your mane. With longer strands angled around your face and softer texturizing around your neck, this cut will make a high fashion statement for your date.

If you crave a new take on your hair like the Posh Crop, temporary hair extensions are a fabulous alternative! Unique VIP Human Hair Extensions are made of 100% human hair, available in three textures, and up to 36 colors. Their Unique VIP Clipex version instantly clip on to your existing hair. You can cut, curl, and straighten these newly added tresses for a truly unique prom look.

Are curls your must have prom do? Short hair lovers can wear them too!

Opt for a loose wave and avoid super tight ringlets in 2008. For those with naturally straight hair, a 1 inch ceramic curling will easily do the trick. Sectioning hair into medium sized pieces, start curling the hair around your neck and work your way up. Wrap hair around the outside of the iron rather than using the clamp for an easier way to create this style. Continually mist locks with a firm hold hairspray. Try pHormulate's StyleBlast Hair Spray. This will allow for maximum hold and incredible shine, a must have for a long night of dancing!

For those with a coveted natural curl, shampoo and condition with a curl enhancing product line like Bumble & Bumble Curl Conscious. Blow dry your hair with a diffuser attached to help fight the frizz. While drying, scrunch hair with David Babaii for Wildaid’s Bohemian Beach Spray to achieve that perfect wave. Mist a shine spray and style as desired.

Thinking of playing it straight? A perfect blow dry is your answer! While wet, create a product cocktail by mixing together a smoothing balm and a silk leave in conditioner. Work through your locks and dry hair with a ceramic round brush to amplify your natural shine. If needed, use a tourmaline flat iron to remove any stubborn kinks and frizz.

Still want more flair or even added length to these curly or straight styles? Try creating volume in the front with a quick and easy pompadour. With a fine tooth comb, carefully tease the hair close to your scalp and smooth over into a pretty poof. Secure with a matching clip or bobby pin for a long lasting style.

Yet, hair extensions, once again, continue to offer an unlimited variety of new ways to wear these short styles. Match some strands to your dress shade or create instant highlights.


Shoes, makeup, dress, and of course hair! Your tresses are the next best style accessory for the perfect prom. Ladies with long locks, you’re in luck! With the right products and tools, long hair easily transforms into the picture perfect do.

It’s prom and your time to shine. Girls, release that inner glamour girl! With hair shoulder length and longer, loose, voluminous curls create a great style for Prom ’08. Whether you are naturally curly or straight, you can infuse the glamour into your hair with ease.

Created with ceramic and tourmaline technology, today’s curling irons work better than ever before! FHI Heat, a leading producer of styling tools, boasts a complete line of irons equipped with an adjustable temperature feature to suit your hair type (the coarser the hair strand the higher the heat).

The 1" and 1 1/4" FHI Heat Ceramic Curling Irons each fashion fabulous medium sized curls, while the 1 1/2" creates large waves with amazing body and shine. In order to keep your do in check, hairspray is an absolute must for this evening out!

First, mist your entire head with a medium hold hairspray. Try out pHormulate's HairStay Hair Spray. Take your desired size iron, wrapping 1 to 2 inch pieces of hair around the body of the tool. Not feeding hair through the iron itself will eliminate that unwanted bend on your ends from the clamp.

Want an insider trick? Once the curl is made, twist hair according to the curling iron’s shape to form a tight ringlet. Spray a firm hold styling product and loosely bobby pin each section to your head. Try David Babaii for Wildaid’s Mise en Plis Extra Hold Styling Spray. This will allow time for the curl to set in. Now, you are destined to have your style hold up for a night of dancing! Don’t forget to use hairspray once again for extra hold.

Try alternating between medium and large size irons using the bigger barrels for the tresses hugging your neck.

Not good with a curling iron? CONAIR offers their Instant Heat Ion Shine Hairsetter with Multi-size Rollers and Ceramic Technology to achieve that perfectly polished curl. Use the tip of a comb to style and place hair as desired. Once again, hairspray is your best friend!

For extra oomph, add a simple hair accessory encrusted in Swarovski crystals. Available in various colors and styles, you can find one to match almost any prom dress. To finish your perfect prom look, pin back a section of hair, placing it anywhere around the crown area of your head. Ready to really channel your inner glamour girl? A girl can never go wrong in a tiara with beautiful, polished curls!


Prom night and a gorgeous updo go hand in hand! Whether your hair is long or short, this style can be achieved on almost any hair type and cut.


Fun, funky twists are a great way to achieve an updo for girls with shorter locks. To start, you will need an array of embellished bobby pins and clips. Added bonus? Matching these accessories to your dress is a definite style must!

A fabulous natural looking wave is best for this look. First, shampoo and condition your hair with a smoothing system . If you do not own a diffuser attachment for your blow dryer, air dry your hair to avoid unwanted frizz. Use your fingertips to work a molding paste through your mane, creating texture and volume.

Once dry, fashion different sized sections of hair to twist and secure with bobby pins or decorative clips. Depending on your desired look, 2-5 twists will create the perfect prom updo on short hair. Finish with a medium hold hairspray to avoid a stiff appearance. Try Redken’s Quick Dry Instant Finish Spray.

Allow several tendrils to fall freely around your face for a sense of allure.


A low chignon is a chic way to transform shoulder length locks for prom night. This style offers amazing versatility, since it is ideal for either straight or curly hair.

First, bring your hair back into a low ponytail at the base of your neck. Secure to the side below your ear for a sexier take on this style. Once again, a twisting technique is needed! Loosely wrap locks in a circular motion around the bottom of your head. Secure with several bobby pins and use a shine/hairspray combo to finish.

Don’t forget! Messy is key to create a prom perfect chignon. Let your layers shine through. Only use a flat iron or curling iron to freshen up these fallen tresses framing your face.


Compliment long, flowing tresses with the height and volume created by different takes on the stylish pompadour. Product free hair works best with this look since teasing is the main technique.

Separate hair into two large sections, leaving slightly more hair on the bottom half. This will create a partial updo, since only one section will be up.

Tease and hairspray the top section with a fine tooth comb, creating lift at the roots. Smooth over by carefully brushing hair into place. Secure with an embellished clip to keep this style in place. Spray with a firm hold hair spray like pHormulate's StyleBlast Hair Spray.

To complete your ultimate prom look, you can either curl or straighten the remaining bottom section. Make sure to use ceramic tools along with thermal protection products to create an incredible, frizz free shine.


Hannah Prom Gown
Item #: Hannah : HANH573 - Prom Dress with Tied Back
[more info...] Availability: In Stock
Price: $218.00


Strapless,Fitted,Top speckled with Blue and Turquoise Jewels,Sheer Skirt SEE MORE OF THIS DRESS

This fitted strapless dress is deocrated with blue and turquoise jewels. The back is low and open. Sheer, soft fabric makes up the skirt of the dress allowing a hint of leg to come through.


Strapless; fitted bodice; sweetheart neckline
Full skirt with cascading tiers, trimmed with black jewels
Hemline edged with tulle
100% polyester;

Be adorable and daring in this fabulous, fun, tiered skirt prom dress from Betsey Johnson. Designed to flatter your shape with a fitted bodice, the full tiered skirt edged with tulle and hemmed in jewels makes this a stand out for prom 2008. You'll be ready to party the night away in this fun and flirty prom dress and stay totally fresh in this wrinkle-free wonder of a dress. FIND MORE PROM DRESSES LIKE THIS

Prom Makeup Tip Pick your eyes OR your mouth

Prom Makeup Tip #1: Pick your eyes OR your mouth
The biggest mistake people make when putting on makeup is that they highlight both the eye and the mouth. You need to pick one or the other and downplay what you rejected.

How to pick? Simple. What do people compliment you on? Do you have Angelina Jolie's lips or Kate Bosworth's eyes? If you choose to focus on your lips, you'll want to go bright.

Red is hot for prom, as are dark pinks. Just stay away from brown (leave it for your grandmother) and make sure you keep your eye makeup soft and simple.

For the right way to wear red lipstick check out this article . If you want to play up your eyes, go all out with liner, shadow, mascara and even false eyelashes (the ones that AREN'T obnoxious and outlandish). Just make sure you stick with light lips capped with a light gloss.

Smokey eyes are a great look for prom. Here are step-by-step instructions .

Prom Makeup Tip #2: Perfect your skin tone.
Perfecting your skin tone can be more important than eye makeup. But the secret is to make it look like you're wearing hardly any makeup. In this article, we show you how to achieve a flawless face.
While we're firm believers that few women under age 25 need foundation, if you have acne or an uneven skin tone, you'll want to cover it up with concealer and foundation.

To avoid the pancake batter look, only apply foundation on the areas of skin that are discolored or have blemishes (usually the forehead, cheeks and chin). Make sure to choose a foundation that perfectly matches your skin and blend in well along the jawline.

Unsure how to pick the right foundation? Skip the drugstore and head instead to a department store or Sephora, where you can try before you buy.

Prom Makeup Tip #3: If in doubt, mimic a celebrity
A good trick for those of us overwhelmed with hair and makeup choices is to mimic a celebrity look. Whomever you're into, whether it be Mischa Barton (pictured right), Carrie Underwood, Kristin Callaveri or Ashlee Simpson, you can adapt their look for your prom.

Chances are a professional makeup artist did the celebrity's makeup. If you're having your makeup done at a department store counter before prom, you can bring along the picture for your makeup artist to perfect.

It can also be easy to do it yourself since many magazines name the products used on the celebrity. This way you can apply the exact makeup the celeb used. Here are some of our favorite looks:

1. Penelope Cruz's smokey eyes). Remember to keep your cheek color natural and use a very light lipstick. See directions for how to get a smokey eye above.

2. Keep cheeks dewy with a pink blush and plump up lips with a colored gloss.

3. Red lipstick is a great look, just make sure to pick the perfect shade and go light on your eyes, otherwise you'll risk looking like a Cameron Diaz 'don't').

4. Dark-rimmed eyes, like Katherine Heigl's, are gorgeous. Again, a light gloss on the lips will do you.

Tear out a picture of your favorite celebrity and practice the look before the big night. Once you're at prom, no one but you has to know you're the OTHER Mary-Kate Olsen.

Prom Makeup Tip #4: Three things to remember when taking pictures
You'll have those prom pictures for years, so don't forget these three things:

1. Apply liner and lipstick WITH A MIRROR before you pose.

2. Powder your oily areas (forehead, chin and nose) immediately before the picture. Or better yet, keep blotting papers in your purse.

3. Find out how to stand so you look ten pounds thinner.

Prom Makeup Tip #5: What to bring in your purse
Every purse needs blotting papers (better than applying powder all night, which can leave you looking like a mime), lipstick or gloss, powder (just in case), breath mints and a small bottle of hairspray.

One last thing: Remember, a happy, fun attitude is your biggest beauty weapon. Who doesn't look beautiful when they're happy and smiling?


An expensive makeover is not a prom night necessity. Grab one of our makeup secret weapons, and you'll have everyone ask who you're fantastic makeup artist was. Just bat those long (faux) lashes and answer with a coy grin.

Red Lips:
From Marilyn Monroe to Mischa Barton, the perfect red lipstick is a time-tested secret beauty weapon for bombshells. A nice matte shade packs a huge punch, while a toned-down gloss is as easy to wear as a little black dress.

Faux Eyelashes:
So you weren't blessed with Beyonce-esque eye lashes? So what! All you need is a saucy set of faux lashes and you'll be batting those babies like a true dreamgirl. Pick them at any drugstore -- and pick up a lengthening mascara while you're at it, just for good measure.

Liquid Liner:
Any ol' eyeliner will make those peepers pop, but a sleek liquid liner gives you that goddess Cleopatra vibe. Go all artist on those eyes: with a steady hand, thickly line the top eyelid, then extend out to create a bit of a "cat eye."

Skip the tanning booth and invest in a nice shimmery bronzer. Dust on a few swipes of the "sun in a compact" and you'll look like you just returned from a tropical spring break. Give that pretty skin a chance to shine with minimal lipstick and eye makeup.

Take those hands from drab to fab with one simple coat of polish. A glossy red is classic in an Old Hollywood way, while a vibrant pink adds retro throwback to your Barbie doll days. Even an unfussy pale pink will make you look, um, polished.


Essential for any elegant formal, learn how to achieve a perfect red pout in five easy tips and five quick minutes!

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 5 to 10 minutes

Here's How:
Smudge on a liberal coat of creamy moisturizer, let it soak in for a few minutes, then buff off with a soft toothbrush (preferably clean and tooth-paste free!).

Lip plumpers, which give your lips a temporary "sting," can really make a difference. The $10 drugstore variety will last for an hour, while the $100 makeup counter brands will hold up all evening.

Choose a shade of lipliner that matches your lipstick exactly and be sure to line inside your actual lip line. Never try to "overline" to boost the size of your pout.

Use a lipbrush to apply lipstick. Not only can you control where the color goes (your lips are a coloring book; stay in the lines), but you can control how dark the shade is.

Bypass the embarrassing red teeth fiasco by puckering up around your index finger, then pulling it - and any overzealous lip color - out.

Prevent the red lipstick from "bleeding" by applying a touch of concealer around the border of your lips.

Don't play up your eyes. "Pair red lipstick with the lightest possible eye makeup," says lipstick designer Poppy King. A little mascara and beige shadow will do.

Classic red is universally flattering. Pink- and orange-reds look great with olive skin tones, while blue-reds look best on fair-skinned girls.

What You Need:
red lipstick
matching red lipliner
lip brush


Smoky eyes are a dramatic finish to a gorgeous formal dress. Learn how create the glamorous smoky eye effect with our easy steps.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 10-20 minutes

Here's How:

Start your art project with a fresh canvas. Apply a thin layer of moisturizer mixed with foundation to the entire eye area. Blend this in really well, then follow up with a very light dusting of powder.

If you have a steady hand, opt for liquid liner. If your prom night nerves have resulted in a shaky arm, choose a power liner which is both more vivid and thus smoky than pencil eyeliner. Apply a thick line to the top lashes, and a sharp, thin line to the bottom lashes.

With dark shadow in hand, concentrate the color below the crease and lighten as you get to your brow bone. If black shadow sounds too harsh, try a navy blue, dark plum, or matte gray.

Curling your lashes is the key to sleek, smoky eyes. Curl for 30 seconds on each side, then repeat. A blast of heat - dipped into hot water, blasted with a blow dryer - before you curl will add extra drama to those lashes.

A great coat of mascara is the icing on the cake. Apply several quick swoops to both eyes, then repeat. A brush of an eyelash comb with eliminate at clumpy extras.

Dramatic eye makeup calls for low-key lips. Go nude or add a swipe of gloss.
Carry a stick of concealer to tame the dreaded "smoky eye smudge."

What You Need:
Foundation with moisterizer
Sharp black pencil or liquid eyeliner
Dark eyeshadow
Eyelash curler


Here's How: Shop Vintage
An afternoon spent vintage shop-hopping can yield great rewards. Many of today's dresses are modeled after classic ballgowns from the 1950s. Cinched waists, sweetheart necklines, and mid-calf hemlines were all of the runway, and original vintage versions are waiting to be uncovered from the depths of the sequined, rhinestoned, embellished castoffs of the '80s and '90s. Just dig deep.

Be Exclusive
So you don't have the funds to enlist a designer to whip up an exclusive concoction? Getting your hands on an exclusive number is easier than you think. When it comes to fancy frocks, small boutiques routinely stock only one of each dress. Similarly, most independent prom shops have a policy of refusing to sell the same dress to two girls from the small school.

Make Alterations
Even tiny alternations can change the entire look of a prom dress. Tie a bright silk scarf around your waist to create a waist-slimming sash. Shorten the length from floor-dusting to thigh-grazing. Add a glammy floral corsage to a shoulder strap a la Carrie Bradshaw. Swap buttons, switch straps, add embellishments -- let yourself loose in a craft store.

Design It
If you moonlight as a seamstress, pick up a pretty dress pattern and fire up that sewing machine. If designing is your thing, draw some sketches and hire a tailor. When it comes to making your own dress, keep it simple and focus on glamorous extras like rhinestone buttons, sequin appliqu├ęs, and satin ribbons.


This year's prom season is full of color, sparkle and shine.

And there are many ways to look great for the year's biggest social and fashion event without going broke in the process.

The dress is the centerpiece of all prom fashion planning. Many girls begin scoping out possibilities as early as January, and how their dates attire themselves depends in large part upon the dress decision.

Girls want to make one key statement when they arrive at prom, "Look at me -- I'm fabulous!" This season, there are many more ways for girls to look fab than at any time in recent years. The options are staggering, with tens of thousands of red-carpet-inspired styles available in stores and online.

Short cocktail-style dresses are chic alternatives to long gowns. Many dresses feature creative side cutouts or daring bare backs while silhouettes range from curve-caressing and bias cut to pouffy skirts and mermaid bottoms.

Black-and-white combinations are surprisingly dramatic, the shine of jewels and metallic hues lend goddess glamour, dark jewel tones evoke rich elegance and bold colors rule in attention-grabbing shades of turquoise, chartreuse, buttercup and fuchsia.

Prints are all over the place: animal, reptile, abstract, floral and especially polka dots.

"Polka dots are very big," observed Ellen Calig, manager of Lintons at The Waterfront. "Girls are lovin' the dots. Glitz is still in, vintage is still in, and color, color, color."

For girls and parents who can't afford to or don't want to shell out a lot of cash for a gown and accessories, it's not hard to find great looks for less. Many dresses are less than $100 at department stores such as Kohl's and JCPenney and at Internet sites such as, and eDressMe. com -- three of the few that list prices without forcing you to contact a store for that information.

Don't forget about bargains at consignment shops and discount retailers such as Burlington Coat Factory, Marshalls and T.J. Maxx.

And there are some contests that give away free gowns. has been awarding a free dress every week since Dec. 25 and will do so until April 22.

Guys can save money on their looks, too.

Tux-like suits and suit-like tuxes are hot again this season. Some fellows buy a suit they like, dress it up for prom and then wear it repeatedly in the future to stretch their dollar.

Suits are an especially nice look to complement a short dress.

Most boys, however, will rent. Some stores offer a "prom special" basic look with a few options for less than $100. Add-ons can ratchet up the price.

But shop around because more stores are finding creative ways to compete for customers.


Know your budget in advance to avoid unnecessary frustration and wasted time.

• When getting fitted for your dress, consider dancing and other activities on the night's agenda.

Make sure your bra is the right kind for your dress.

• Don't overdo jewelry. Simple dresses generally can handle more bling.

• With detailed stone and beadwork at the necklines or straps, bold earrings look better than a necklace. And stacked bracelets look hot on bare arms.

Coordinate hair and makeup with the dress. Consider an up 'do for a back-baring dress and longer locks for frocks in animal prints and bold designs.

Don't wear shoes the exact color of your dress. That can look boring and costumey.

• Monitor weather forecasts to see if you'll need a wrap, sweater or shrug; be sure any such piece complements your dress and doesn't look like an afterthought.

If you plan to attend an after-prom party, consider saving money by buying a cocktail dress that you can wear to the prom and then reaccessorize for the party.

Tips for guys

Don't select a tux or suit without taking a fabric swatch of your date's dress. There are many shades of turquoise and pink, and you want to complement rather than clash.

• Don't limit yourself to what you can see in a showroom. Stores have access to hundreds more styles, so ask questions and look at their catalogs.

Don't wait too late to tux shop. Sizes and styles often run out.

If you have time and your date is getting a dress custom made, see if you can buy enough of the fabric to have a matching vest, cummerbund, tie, pocket square, hat band, etc., made for you.

• Ask your date whether a wrist corsage or nosegay works better for her look. Or perhaps she'd prefer a small bouquet for home.


What's perfect for prom this year? Pick-ups, pleats and prints, said Carol Fisher of Bridal Country USA in CA.

"The newest thing on the market is the animal print," she said.

"Now, most of your trendsetters will wear these," she said, referring to the bold patterns and animal prints. "And if you can get the trendsetters to wear them, then the other girls, they'll follow. They won't want the same dress, but they'll get one from the same place or the same designer. You want them to know you know the latest styles, you know the trends," Wilson said.

Another trend is the shorter prom dresses, which range from tea-length to mini.
"They're going a little short, but not so much in our area," she said. Wilson said many girls here are looking for straight dresses with low backs.

For the not-so-daring, you can still be in style with some of the popular colors and great accessories of this year.

"Gold has been good this year. Olive green and orange have as well," .

As for accessories, big earrings and sky-high heels are must-haves.

When it comes to men's styles, paisley print ties and vests to match their date's dress, of course. She also said guys have opted to do away with the bow ties and instead go with long neckties.

"Brown tuxedos are big this time around," — not that anyone going to prom this year would remember when they were hot the first time. "We've not had brown tuxedos since about 20 years ago," she said.

Local retailers say its hard to pinpoint the last date to order your prom dress to guarantee it arrives on time. Sometimes the warehouses have the items in stock, and other times they don't. So if you plan to order a dress, get out there and order ASAP.

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Homecoming and Prom Hairstyles

Homecoming and Prom Hairstyles
Fashion glitz and glamour is what makes every prom or homecoming party a dream come true, and the way you look definitely takes center stage. So sure, you've got a fantastic dress, the perfect date and a killer ride. But how's your "do?" Time and again, many an outfit lost its flair when paired with a nightmarish hairdo. So be sure to crown all that radiance with a knockout hair style that'll be the talk of the town at future reunions, for years to come.

Kink-free Prom Night

There's hair and then there's tameless hair. The problem with styling is that it can wreak havoc, literally, kill your, otherwise, healthy hair; and no amount of spit-shine can make a work of art look good if you cannot get your hair to obey. Short-haired girls have it easier since it takes a considerably shorter time to style. A good dose of mousse or hair wax can give your tresses that natural bounce, or you can clip your hair to the side for a more sophisticated effect.

The problems with styling multiply as the hair grows. Longer hair means more kinks, more volume, more weight, and that's always a hassle, especially with up-dos. Pins, clips and hair ties can help you create that gravity-defying masterpiece, or consider wearing a tiara to hold it in place. Lots of brushing and a session with hair curlers will give you that bouncy, sassy look perfect with off-shoulder dresses.

The biggest thing to consider when fixing your hair for the homecoming court is a balance between your hair and your face. Bone structure and foreheads have a huge impact on how you strive to achieve that age-defying grace. The trend has been to get sophisticated style, as opposed to the funky, fun hairdos. So, the trick is to know what to hide; and, otherwise, what to accentuate. Like, say, the forehead: wide foreheads need hiding, so a touch of bangs here and there probably won't hurt. Narrower foreheads beg to be shown to the world, so bangs would be a mistake.

Of course, it's always up to you, whichever style you go for. The foremost rule in hair styling, though, is to maintain hair that is shiny, bouncy, and healthy. If any of these are compromised, then it probably doubles or triples your styling labor, as well.


The classic colors are black, white and silver; but there are more and more red, blue and purple themed prom gowns. If you want attention and can pull it off, some of the more showy pink, silver, and retro dresses can offer some vibrancies that are sure to be memorable.

Tips for Selecting Prom Dress Colors:

A black, white or silver dress is a classic choice for understated elegance and charm; but, if you are skimping on modesty, you’ll want to show off and be noticed in a gown of lemon-lime, fuchsia, emerald green, or any other rainbow–laden bucket of color.


Nothing says, "Cool," like a vintage prom dress. With the emphasis on floral prints and chiffon gowns, these garments of yesteryear can offer you a cheap prom dress option, without the expense of a brand new dress.

And, best of all, a vintage prom dress will let you stand out from all those other girls wearing 2005 prom dresses and 2004 prom gowns to the special event. And, even challenging to find, styles such as plus-size dresses and gothic prom dresses, make really good vintage dress candidates.

VINTAGE PROM DRESSES are usually defined as those elegant gowns that were made in the 50's and 60's, and are notable for their use of bright colors, such as pink, green, and yellow. But the colors are not garish; instead, they are blended into a warm and muted form. With some cool vintage accessories, like white gloves or vintage jewelry, you can complete the look and walk in to prom looking like a 'movie star.'

Finding Vintage Prom Dresses
One clue to finding a vintage prom dress is to explore a variety of resources. Unlike a 2003 Prom Dress, you can't just type in the name of a designer on the computer and see what's hot. Congratulations! You're now assigned the task of developing your skills as a good detective. One of the best resources is local vintage clothing stores. Give them a call and let them know you're looking for a VINTAGE PROM DRESS. Give them your size and leave your phone number, so they can contact you if anything comes in. Summer's a great time to shop when many girls start selling last year's dresses from prom. Another option you might try, is to visit websites that might have vintage prom dresses. It's not guaranteed that they'll have a large selection, but if you keep an open mind and begin your search early, you should be confident in finding something that can work both as a formal dress or a gown for a more casual affair.

Another tip offered by Alison Bell in What's your style? Fearless Fashion, relates to the proper care of your Vintage piece. If your Vintage Prom Dress is missing a fabric care label, use caution, first, before washing it; ask your local dry cleaner for advice on the best way to clean it. Otherwise, you might be scrambling for another prom dress, when you full tulle skirt shrinks; or, worse - yet, ravels into an uneven mini-skirt. Missing a care label all together might mean your garment was manufactured before 1972, according to Bell. In 1972, the Care Label Rule came into practice under the Federal Trade Commission, requiring garments to be labeled with at least one cleaning method safe to use.


1. Research current prom dress trends :
While clothing trends often shift every season, dress trends tend to hang around for several years.
A tell-tale sign of up-and-coming formalwear trends is to check out celebrities' red carpet appearances for award ceremonies like the Oscars, Emmys, and Golden Globes.

The prom dress industry keeps a close eye on what couture designers design and what stylist stars wear so you - the prom-goer - can wear hip, fabulous dresses.

2. Learn how to flatter your figure :
Several very important things factor into the perfect dress for you. While you should always keep your personal style in mind, your body plays an crucial part in deciding what you should choose in a dress.
Certain elements work for everyone, as long as you are armed with the knowledge of how to flatter your own figure.


Also known as: full-figured
Red carpet icon: America Ferrera
Top picks: empire waist, short hem, drop waist

Don't feel like you have to leave the poufy-skirt princess dresses to your boyish frame friends. The key is to choose a drop waist skirt - one that begins lower than hips - paired with a structured corset top. Another great option is the empire waist, which gives a long, slender silhouette without compromising elegance.


Also known as: pear-shaped
Red carpet icon: Beyonce
Top picks: strapless corset, cinched waist

From the belle-of-the-ball gowns to retro party frocks, there aren't many dresses that won't flatter your frame. No matter what style you settle on, a nipped-in waist or sash tie will make the most of your build. On that note, skip any empire-waists or flowy A-lines.


Also known as: lanky
Red carpet icon: Mischa Barton
Top picks: sheath; empire; A-line; ball gown

Instead of looking at your height as a challenge, see it as an advantage to show off fantastic shoes. Play up the fact that hems hit you INCHES about your petite pals and find gorgeous stilettos, wedges, or flats that would make Carrie Bradshaw jealous. Problem solved!


Also known as: short
Red carpet icon: Rachel Bilson
Top picks: sheath, empire waist, short hem

Poufy ballgowns and floor-draping dresses can look overwhelming on your tiny frame. Instead, seek out short, sassy hemlines; anything between mid-calf and mid-knee are fabulous, flattering choices. If you have your heart set on a full-lengther, opt for a sleek body-hugging sheath.


Also known as: thin
Red carpet icon: Mary Kate & Ashley, Nicole Richie
Top picks: empire waist, bubble hem, trapeze A-line

Ball gowns and empire-waists add the illusion of curves, while a simple column dress will elongate your frame. Don't shy away from bright colors, bold patterns, and fun ruching details: if anyone can pull 'em off, it's you!!

3. Determine your budget:
Walking into an exclusive boutique on Fifth Avenue and choosing your dream dress sounds like fun, but you aren't Mischa Barton and you won't be wearing Chanel couture.
Luckily, you don't have to sacrifice your wallet for a fantastic dress - and, at the same time, you don't have to sacrifice style for price.

With a little creativity, you can find a best dressed-worthy dress for debit card-friendly prices.

Why spend a fortune on a gown you'll wear for one night? With a little creativity and a lot of time, you can land a cheap prom dress that won't break the bank.

Thrift Stores
The only obstacle standing between you and a fabulous prom bargain is a day spent combing through thrift stores and vintage bins.
Keep your eyes peeled for timeless shapes, luxurious fabrics, and classic details.

Don’t focus too much on the fit – a few tweaks from the tailor can change the entire look.

Choose a “blank canvas” that can be jazzed up with a fistful of layered necklaces, a cluster of brooches, or a colorful obi belt.

If you don't mind searching, eBay can't be beat for vintage finds. If you crave structured shopping, has tons of dresses helpfully organized by decade.

4. Start shopping online :
Even if you don't want to forgo shopping at prom boutiques and trying on racks of dress, doing a little pre-shopping online will let you know what to expect as far as designers, styles, and prices go when you hit the mall.

Also, you can often snag deals on your favorite dresses on certain websites - when it doubt, "pricegrab" it. TOP PROM DRESS WEBSITES


If you hail from a small town hours away from the closest dress boutique, don't fret. The internet is overflowing with formal dresses, especially around this time of the year.

Because each and every dress has a unique fit, the first thing to look for when logging onto a website is their return policy. Do not even click around a website that doesn’t allow full-refund returns – you don’t want to risk falling in love with a non-refundable dress!

1. eDressMeOne of the most comprehensive dress shops online. Not only does eDressMe have a wide selection of typical prom dresses, but they carry many red carpet-worthy eveningwear designers like BCBG, Betsy Johnson, Anna Sui, and Rebecca Taylor.

2. Nordstrom
With free shipping and free returns, Nordies customer service simply can't be beat. Their prom dresses aren't too shabby, either. You can find fabulous options under $70alongside designer dresses from labels like Nicole Miller and BCBG.

3. eBay
An untapped resource when it comes to formalwear, you never know what you might find on eBay. The site has an impressive collection of vintage dresses and designer gowns, but be patient - a lot of "digging" is necessary to find your perfect frock.

4. Shopbop
Don't feel limited to the typical prom dress route. If you want something unconventional, take a peek at Shopbop's vast selection of cocktail dresses. Not only will you save a little cash (designer shoes, anyone?), but you can wear the versatile number for years to come.

5. Bluefly
Narrow it down by size, then browse through page after page of discount designer dresses. Most of the gowns are from seasons' past, but don't fret. Formalwear is much less trendy than your usual everyday threads, so you'll look like a star in dresses up to five seasons' old.


When it comes to gown shopping, it's all about knowing where to look and what to look for. Instead of spending the price of an entire limo rental on your fabulous frock, snag a cheap prom dress - for the price of a tank of gas.


After each hollywood award season, prom dress designers create cute copies of the best red carpet gowns. Because award shows occur every few months, these dresses hit the virtual sale racks fast than you can say "Mischa Barton."

This ruffled yellow number showed up on Renee Zellweger years ago, but the retro gown would look just as fantastic today. Channel another celeb, Reese Witherspoon, with a red purse and pumps

Black and white is a classic combination that is just as elegant today as it was when your grandmother attended prom.
When selecting a dress silhouette, choose something thats equal parts trendy and timeless. This hip asymmetrical hem, with its shoe-revealing front and train-toting back, is balanced by the streamlined strapless top

Venture out of the standard prom boutique and explore the evening gowns at your favorite department store. You can uncover gorgeous full-length dresses often for a fraction of the price.
Covered in rows of frilly, feminine ruffles, the otherwise sleek black column dress looks hip and elegant at the same time. A guideline for glamour: when it comes to glitz, think Marilyn Monroe instead of Dolly Parton.

First popularized by Pierre Cardin in 1957, the bubble hem is enjoying another turn in the fashion limelight. The whimsically poufy shape and short length can be dressed up or down with a quick shift of accessories and shoes.
With its voluminous hem that camouflages your weaknesses combined with a chic bow sash that shows off your waist, this pretty party dress is a true gem.

A shopping rule of thumb to keep in mind, whether you're looking for Ts, shoes, or prom dresses: deep shades always look more expensive than their pastel counterparts.
With a star-worthy plunging neckline trimmed in a sparkly beaded accent, this berry satin gown looks ready for the red carpet... even if you snagged it for price that would make a starlet's draw drop.


Let the red carpet and runways inspire you to find a prom dress that's both fancy and fashionable.


White gown, Nordstrom.comWhether you tuned into the Golden Globes or just caught the red carpet highlights, the single trend that stood out in a sea of gorgeous gowns was the fresh, innocent shade of white.

If you feel too much like a blushing bride dressed in a white gown, opt for warm cream shade or a classy black and white number.

Prom night is the perfect time to pull out all of the sparkly stops: sequins, beading, rhinestones, paillettes. You can shine in small doses – a little trim here, a little beadwork there – or you can shimmer head-to-toe in a gold or silver gown. Let your dress take center stage and stick with minimal accessories.
If you feel a little too shiny in a metallic frock, stick with a simple dress and accessorize with shimmery extras like gold heels, stacks of bangles, or layered necklaces.

To avoid resembling your Grandmother's doily tablecloth, seek out lace dresses in sleek, sophisticated shapes. Stay away from ruffles, bows, and frills of any kind; instead, look for strapless tops, slim silhouettes, and short hems.
With a fabric as undeniably feminine as lace, accessories should be sassy, not sweet. Wear stiletto heels instead of mary janes, long chandeliers instead of button studs, and chunky bangles instead of delicate tennis bracelets.

The addition of a ruffle at the hem, neckline, waist – or all of the above – adds a feminine elegance to any dress. One of the best gown trends of the season is the Marie Antoinette-inspired tiered ruffle skirt. Fit for royalty, the flouncy look is a throwback to the fashion-loving queen.
Consider your body type before splurging. If you aren't fond of your legs, full ruffled skirts are a great option. If you want the emphasis on your smiling face, ruffles around the necklace will bring the attention upwards.

During the '80s, full-length dresses were unheard of. Prom-goers favored short, beaded pouffed hem numbers inspired by movies like Pretty In Pink. Though full-length formals are far more common today, why not opt for a chic version of the rocking retro mini?

Concentrate on balance with a short dress. If you're showing off those stems, make sure the neckline is on the conservative side. It's best to leave a little bit to the imagination - especially on prom night.