Monday, March 10, 2008


Shoes, makeup, dress, and of course hair! Your tresses are the next best style accessory for the perfect prom. Ladies with long locks, you’re in luck! With the right products and tools, long hair easily transforms into the picture perfect do.

It’s prom and your time to shine. Girls, release that inner glamour girl! With hair shoulder length and longer, loose, voluminous curls create a great style for Prom ’08. Whether you are naturally curly or straight, you can infuse the glamour into your hair with ease.

Created with ceramic and tourmaline technology, today’s curling irons work better than ever before! FHI Heat, a leading producer of styling tools, boasts a complete line of irons equipped with an adjustable temperature feature to suit your hair type (the coarser the hair strand the higher the heat).

The 1" and 1 1/4" FHI Heat Ceramic Curling Irons each fashion fabulous medium sized curls, while the 1 1/2" creates large waves with amazing body and shine. In order to keep your do in check, hairspray is an absolute must for this evening out!

First, mist your entire head with a medium hold hairspray. Try out pHormulate's HairStay Hair Spray. Take your desired size iron, wrapping 1 to 2 inch pieces of hair around the body of the tool. Not feeding hair through the iron itself will eliminate that unwanted bend on your ends from the clamp.

Want an insider trick? Once the curl is made, twist hair according to the curling iron’s shape to form a tight ringlet. Spray a firm hold styling product and loosely bobby pin each section to your head. Try David Babaii for Wildaid’s Mise en Plis Extra Hold Styling Spray. This will allow time for the curl to set in. Now, you are destined to have your style hold up for a night of dancing! Don’t forget to use hairspray once again for extra hold.

Try alternating between medium and large size irons using the bigger barrels for the tresses hugging your neck.

Not good with a curling iron? CONAIR offers their Instant Heat Ion Shine Hairsetter with Multi-size Rollers and Ceramic Technology to achieve that perfectly polished curl. Use the tip of a comb to style and place hair as desired. Once again, hairspray is your best friend!

For extra oomph, add a simple hair accessory encrusted in Swarovski crystals. Available in various colors and styles, you can find one to match almost any prom dress. To finish your perfect prom look, pin back a section of hair, placing it anywhere around the crown area of your head. Ready to really channel your inner glamour girl? A girl can never go wrong in a tiara with beautiful, polished curls!


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