Monday, March 10, 2008


An expensive makeover is not a prom night necessity. Grab one of our makeup secret weapons, and you'll have everyone ask who you're fantastic makeup artist was. Just bat those long (faux) lashes and answer with a coy grin.

Red Lips:
From Marilyn Monroe to Mischa Barton, the perfect red lipstick is a time-tested secret beauty weapon for bombshells. A nice matte shade packs a huge punch, while a toned-down gloss is as easy to wear as a little black dress.

Faux Eyelashes:
So you weren't blessed with Beyonce-esque eye lashes? So what! All you need is a saucy set of faux lashes and you'll be batting those babies like a true dreamgirl. Pick them at any drugstore -- and pick up a lengthening mascara while you're at it, just for good measure.

Liquid Liner:
Any ol' eyeliner will make those peepers pop, but a sleek liquid liner gives you that goddess Cleopatra vibe. Go all artist on those eyes: with a steady hand, thickly line the top eyelid, then extend out to create a bit of a "cat eye."

Skip the tanning booth and invest in a nice shimmery bronzer. Dust on a few swipes of the "sun in a compact" and you'll look like you just returned from a tropical spring break. Give that pretty skin a chance to shine with minimal lipstick and eye makeup.

Take those hands from drab to fab with one simple coat of polish. A glossy red is classic in an Old Hollywood way, while a vibrant pink adds retro throwback to your Barbie doll days. Even an unfussy pale pink will make you look, um, polished.


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