Monday, March 10, 2008


I need some help as to how to fix or tame my hair's uncontrolable, frizzy, poofy, dry and brittle condition. As a guy, i would like to grow my hair out but the longer it gets, the poofier it gets and just looks like im trying to grow out an afro. I have naturally wavy hair which i am fairly proud of and would like for my hair to look like in trying to grow longer hair not a fro!!! Can anyone give me any tips?!?!?! thanx


Product, Product, Product! First throw all your wal-mart junk away.
You'll need a hydrating shampoo and conditioner.(try purologhy hydrate pricy but you'll use a dime size amount) next you'll need to get a styling product (try matrix curl life). i know it's work , but how bad do you want it.


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