Monday, March 10, 2008


Prom hair is all about creating a magical transformation. The big dance is the perfect place to wow your friends with some extra glitz and glamour.

Hair extensions are an ultra fashionable way to take your look from school causal to Cinderella chic. With a simple visit to your favorite salon or beauty supply store, incredible volume, amazing length, or even bangs are at your fingertips.

Hair Extensions 101

Choosing the right type of extensions is the first step toward a prom perfect style. Hair extensions come in two main forms: synthetic or human.

100% human hair gives you amazing versatility. Like your natural locks, you can use all heat appliances such as your coveted ceramic flat iron and blow dryer. Easily create the hairstyle of your dreams without worrying about styling limitations.

Added bonus? Human hair extensions are perfect for coloring! Instantly match your current color with ease or create enhanced definition to your tresses by adding an assortment of highlights. The possibilities are endless!

Unlike human hair, artificial extensions are created with various types of man-made fibers. Heat from your tools will immediately cause this hair to melt and frizz on contact. Make sure to buy these extensions with the right texture already in place (ringlets, waves, straight, etc.). This will eliminate the need for heat styling.

Since 100% human hair extensions may cost more than your gown, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of both options. If you want a quick prom fix, synthetic extensions might be the right choice for you. A simple assessment of your daily styling habits is a great way to choose between the two.

The next item on your extensions checklist involves finding the right application method. Hot or cold? Now, that is the question!

Heat techniques involve using a bonding solution to fuse your hair with the extension strand. A heated clamp melts this bond, sealing the extension to your hair. Rather than traditional keratin tips, opt for a heating method utilizing a polymer tube. This bond easily shrinks on contact for a more comfortable and unobtrusive feel.

Cold methods consist of a variety of different options, including fabulous do-it-yourself clip ins. Stylists can even insert your locks into tiny “tubes” which are crimped shut around the root area with a special tool. Other cold application methods involve braiding, sewing, and weaving.

Don’t forget to consult a salon professional before trying any of the above methods. Prom is not the night for a hair emergency!

If the salon’s not your thing, you can effortlessly apply the do-it-yourself clip in extensions without the help of your hairdresser. Even use this method to experiment with different colors, textures, or lengths.

Hair extensions are definitely a fashion forward way to update your must have prom do!