Monday, March 10, 2008


What's perfect for prom this year? Pick-ups, pleats and prints, said Carol Fisher of Bridal Country USA in CA.

"The newest thing on the market is the animal print," she said.

"Now, most of your trendsetters will wear these," she said, referring to the bold patterns and animal prints. "And if you can get the trendsetters to wear them, then the other girls, they'll follow. They won't want the same dress, but they'll get one from the same place or the same designer. You want them to know you know the latest styles, you know the trends," Wilson said.

Another trend is the shorter prom dresses, which range from tea-length to mini.
"They're going a little short, but not so much in our area," she said. Wilson said many girls here are looking for straight dresses with low backs.

For the not-so-daring, you can still be in style with some of the popular colors and great accessories of this year.

"Gold has been good this year. Olive green and orange have as well," .

As for accessories, big earrings and sky-high heels are must-haves.

When it comes to men's styles, paisley print ties and vests to match their date's dress, of course. She also said guys have opted to do away with the bow ties and instead go with long neckties.

"Brown tuxedos are big this time around," — not that anyone going to prom this year would remember when they were hot the first time. "We've not had brown tuxedos since about 20 years ago," she said.

Local retailers say its hard to pinpoint the last date to order your prom dress to guarantee it arrives on time. Sometimes the warehouses have the items in stock, and other times they don't. So if you plan to order a dress, get out there and order ASAP.


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