Sunday, March 9, 2008


1. Research current prom dress trends :
While clothing trends often shift every season, dress trends tend to hang around for several years.
A tell-tale sign of up-and-coming formalwear trends is to check out celebrities' red carpet appearances for award ceremonies like the Oscars, Emmys, and Golden Globes.

The prom dress industry keeps a close eye on what couture designers design and what stylist stars wear so you - the prom-goer - can wear hip, fabulous dresses.

2. Learn how to flatter your figure :
Several very important things factor into the perfect dress for you. While you should always keep your personal style in mind, your body plays an crucial part in deciding what you should choose in a dress.
Certain elements work for everyone, as long as you are armed with the knowledge of how to flatter your own figure.


Also known as: full-figured
Red carpet icon: America Ferrera
Top picks: empire waist, short hem, drop waist

Don't feel like you have to leave the poufy-skirt princess dresses to your boyish frame friends. The key is to choose a drop waist skirt - one that begins lower than hips - paired with a structured corset top. Another great option is the empire waist, which gives a long, slender silhouette without compromising elegance.


Also known as: pear-shaped
Red carpet icon: Beyonce
Top picks: strapless corset, cinched waist

From the belle-of-the-ball gowns to retro party frocks, there aren't many dresses that won't flatter your frame. No matter what style you settle on, a nipped-in waist or sash tie will make the most of your build. On that note, skip any empire-waists or flowy A-lines.


Also known as: lanky
Red carpet icon: Mischa Barton
Top picks: sheath; empire; A-line; ball gown

Instead of looking at your height as a challenge, see it as an advantage to show off fantastic shoes. Play up the fact that hems hit you INCHES about your petite pals and find gorgeous stilettos, wedges, or flats that would make Carrie Bradshaw jealous. Problem solved!


Also known as: short
Red carpet icon: Rachel Bilson
Top picks: sheath, empire waist, short hem

Poufy ballgowns and floor-draping dresses can look overwhelming on your tiny frame. Instead, seek out short, sassy hemlines; anything between mid-calf and mid-knee are fabulous, flattering choices. If you have your heart set on a full-lengther, opt for a sleek body-hugging sheath.


Also known as: thin
Red carpet icon: Mary Kate & Ashley, Nicole Richie
Top picks: empire waist, bubble hem, trapeze A-line

Ball gowns and empire-waists add the illusion of curves, while a simple column dress will elongate your frame. Don't shy away from bright colors, bold patterns, and fun ruching details: if anyone can pull 'em off, it's you!!

3. Determine your budget:
Walking into an exclusive boutique on Fifth Avenue and choosing your dream dress sounds like fun, but you aren't Mischa Barton and you won't be wearing Chanel couture.
Luckily, you don't have to sacrifice your wallet for a fantastic dress - and, at the same time, you don't have to sacrifice style for price.

With a little creativity, you can find a best dressed-worthy dress for debit card-friendly prices.

Why spend a fortune on a gown you'll wear for one night? With a little creativity and a lot of time, you can land a cheap prom dress that won't break the bank.

Thrift Stores
The only obstacle standing between you and a fabulous prom bargain is a day spent combing through thrift stores and vintage bins.
Keep your eyes peeled for timeless shapes, luxurious fabrics, and classic details.

Don’t focus too much on the fit – a few tweaks from the tailor can change the entire look.

Choose a “blank canvas” that can be jazzed up with a fistful of layered necklaces, a cluster of brooches, or a colorful obi belt.

If you don't mind searching, eBay can't be beat for vintage finds. If you crave structured shopping, has tons of dresses helpfully organized by decade.

4. Start shopping online :
Even if you don't want to forgo shopping at prom boutiques and trying on racks of dress, doing a little pre-shopping online will let you know what to expect as far as designers, styles, and prices go when you hit the mall.

Also, you can often snag deals on your favorite dresses on certain websites - when it doubt, "pricegrab" it. TOP PROM DRESS WEBSITES


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